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The 3 'P' protection plan

CloudTree's complete IT solutions

Designed to ensure your business IT platforms are delivering the tools you need to run your business without hassle.

How would you business cope with a loss of all you data? Whilst we all plan for the best, we have to prepare for the worst... and in today's technology based world very few businesses would survive loosing use of their computers let alone loosing all the data thats stored on them. CloudTree has developed the 3 P plan to ensure your business technology is fully managed, supported and most importantly that your data is safely stored in a secure off site location. 

Prevention is better than cure


Proactively resolve potential issues before they stop your PC running.

You wouldn't wait for your car to breakdown before having it serviced. So why treat your computer the same...
Advanced monitoring and preventative action automatically applied daily by CT-Prevent...


A virus can wipe your computer with just one mistaken click

Pay me bitcoin or I'll wipe your computer... We have all seen these phishing emails, but criminals are getting smarter. Ensure you are running the best Virus and Malware protection to avoid becoming another victim of cybercrime...


Expect the best, plan for the worst

How would your business cope with total data loss? Don't wait to find out and prepare for the worst case with managed backup services...
Automatic off-site back-ups for all your most important data, including emails, websites, files & databases.

Why Managed IT services are the future of IT Support. 

With modern technology, having to have an IT person in the same location as the computer they are trying to fix is no longer a must have. Secure remote monitoring and management tools allow our engineers to fix your issues remotely in a shorter time frame.

  1. COST EFFECTIVE - no need for dedicated IT Staff or paying high call out charges from external IT support companies. Let us manage your IT so you can focus on running your business. With simple pricing and no up-front investment you will wonder why you didn't sign up sooner.
  2. PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE - you don't wait for your car to breakdown before having the oil changed.. So why treat your PC the same. Proactive monitoring and automatic remedial action is applied daily to all managed devices ensuring your PC is ready to work for you not against you!
  3. PIECE OF MIND- as a business owner you have enough to think about, worrying about your technology and data backups shouldn't be one of them. CloudTree Managed Backup services gives you piece of mind that no matter what happens your critical business data is safely stored offsite and ready to be restored at a moments notice.


CloudTree ethos is to build a working relationship with our customers, buying from us is like joining the CloudTree family.

"I have now been with CloudTree for a number of months and their professionalism and attention to my requirements has been second to none! I am so pleased to have Terry and team to look after my technology aspects – a real weight off my mind and excellent service!"

Ronnie Johnson
Managing Director

Star Uk Travel Ltd

"We were recently informed that our domain names and associated email accounts would have to be migrated to CloudTree. Due to our other commitments we had to ask CloudTree to achieve this at short notice.

CloudTree swiftly provided us with detailed instructions on how to carry out the process both for computer and for iPhone.

Furthermore, at our request they greatly facilitated the process by taking computer access and guiding us through it by phone.
The transfer process takes some time and we had several conversations with Andrew Brown, plus one with his colleague Terry. They were both very helpful, understanding and patient. We did not know of CloudTree before we had to make the change and have been very impressed with the service we have been given. We are confident that we are with the right company to handle our domains and emails."

Keith McDonald
Creaction Limited